ATC Labs secures a large order for its 24-band Perceptual Audio Processors from All India Radio (AIR)

ATC Labs, a global audio, and multimedia technology Company announced that Prasar Bharti, India's premier Public Service Broadcaster, has placed an order for 96 units of its flagship rackmount audio processor, Perceptual SoundMax Model Q24-6111. These audio processors will be deployed across 48 FM radio stations in one the world's largest radio broadcast groups, the All India Radio (AIR) broadcasting service operated by Prasar Bharti which operates hundreds of FM and AM radio stations across India. ATC Labs announced that production and delivery of these audio processors will be completed by March 2024, and AIR is expected to proceed with deployment starting in May-June 2024. Once completed, the deployment will substantially increase the adoption of Perceptual SoundMaxTM audio processors by All India Radio and is expected to accelerate the adoption of this technology and similar ATC Labs products by broadcasters worldwide.

NEWARK, N.J. and NOIDA, India, Jan. 4, 2024 ATC Labs further announced that the models supplied to All India Radio (AIR), will incorporate many new and improved features such as built in RDS encoder, independent processing for dual digital outputs and streaming, streaming encoder, and it will also incorporate ATC Labs's latest enhancement to its audio processing platform including Audio AI algorithms.

"ATC Labs is at the forefront of AI-based Higher-resolution audio processing which creates a very attractive sound and brings a great degree of control to broadcasters and audio content distributors such as All India Radio, as using this technology they can precisely choose specific and targeted audio characteristics for enhancement," said Dr. Deepen Sinha, CEO, ATC Labs. "In Perceptual SoundMax, high-resolution audio processing technology is combined with psychoacoustic principles and our latest breakthroughs in low latency audio AI," he continued, "we are expecting Perceptual SoundMax to become a must have audio processing technology in 2024."

Perceptual SoundMax, high-resolution audio processing technology is combined with psychoacoustic principles and our latest breakthroughs in low latency audio AI.

About Perceptual SoundMax:

The Perceptual SoundMaxTM line of high-resolution audio processing technology was introduced as an API and software/hardware products first in 2013 and has since rapidly increased in popularity, being deployed by some of the largest terrestrial FM and Satellite Radio broadcasters worldwide. Notably SiriusXM Satellite Radio service in the USA, with 10s of millions of subscribers, utilizes this technology in the processing of large number of its satellite and streaming radio channels. Perceptual SoundMaxTM is most noted for its strong emphasis on high time-frequency resolution, high accuracy, distortion free, 24-band audio processing, driven by sophisticated Psychoacoustic models. The latest 2023/2024 release of Perceptual SoundMaxTM has been further enhanced using ATC Labs latest breakthrough patent pending technology in low latency AI/ML audio analysis algorithms which is being integrated in ATC Labs product under the label AIdeal AudioTM. Perceptual SoundMaxTM allows broadcasters and audio content distributions to markedly improve listener experience with a rich, spacious, and detailed sound with consistent loudness and attractive presence. For demonstration software and further information please contact ATC Labs via email at [email protected]

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