Helping Men Through the Complex Journey of Loss After Becoming a Widower

Helping Men Through the Complex Journey of Loss After Becoming a Widower

James A. Robbins, DMIN. Shares How he Found the Path from Grief to Joy

GRANDBURY, Texas, May 14, 2024 After losing his wife of 39 years to myotonic muscular dystrophy type 1, James A. Robbins DMIN. discovered that there were few resources or recovery groups for widowers. In his new book, "Widowers Walk: One Man's Journey From Grief to Joy," he shares how he navigated the complicated path of grief and found comfort and happiness in life again.

8 years in the making, "Widowers Walk," showcases the power of supportive friends, family, and faith communities during times of grief, highlighting the role of companionship in the healing process. It shares Robbins' emotional vulnerabilities and struggles with honesty, allowing readers to connect with his raw and genuine experience.

"When I began searching for support groups or counsel, I found that almost all of them were intended for widows," Robbins said. "Men think and process things differently and open up more easily to other men. I want my book to be able to be a resource to others who are facing the same life-changing challenges as I did so that they too can find joy again."

Robbins shares scripture passages, as well as things that did or did not work for him and the things he should not have done in his healing journey. He also acknowledges that grief can cause a crisis of faith, but reassures readers that by drawing on faith, prayer, and scripture, they can find strength and healing in God.

"Earth is not our final destination," Robbins said. "For those who believe in Jesus, heaven is our final home! We will be reunited in the afterlife."

Robbins plans to share his experience as a caretaker for his wife in his next book.

"Widowers Walk: One Man's Journey From Grief to Joy"
By James A. Robbins DMIN.
ISBN: 9798385015870 (softcover); 9798385015887 (hardcover); 9798385015863 (electronic)
Available at Westbow Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Dr. Robbins is a retired professional in food safety and production as well as a pastor and missionary to Uganda. His studies include a doctorate in chemistry and a doctorate of ministry in transformational leadership. He has two grown children. He and his wife were married 39 years before her death from myotonic muscular dystrophy type 1. He has a unique insight into caregiving over several years and the adjustment to life without his bride. Several years after his wife died, Dr. Robbins was blessed with a new wife, the dream his first wife had wanted for him. To learn more, please visit

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