AGYL AI announces the release of EKOM 4.0 and lead investment from Victorum Capital at CommerceNext

EKOM 4.0 Revolutionizes SEO with New Metadata Management Plan for E-Commerce Brands

NEW YORK, June 11, 2024 EKOM, the leading solution for automated SEO and Product Page optimization in e-commerce, today announced the launch of EKOM 4.0. The latest software upgrade includes the new metadata optimization plans, multi-brand content moderation, and private enrollment into EKOM's beta program for the Amazon Marketplace. EKOM additionally announced Victorum Capital as the lead investor for the current funding round.

EKOM founder and CEO, Jon Ricketts, said, "We are very excited to announce several major milestones ahead of our sponsorship and participation at the CommerceNext conference. The EKOM 4.0 release is centered around expansion; expanding marketplace access for our customers and expanding product offerings for differentiated brand and retailer needs across product data population and optimization."

The EKOM 4.0 release is centered around expansion; expanding marketplace access for our customers and expanding product offerings for differentiated brand and retailer needs across product data population and optimization.

EKOM 4.0 is a product-led solution, offered at an accessible rate and designed for effortless integration with existing product information management systems. It seamlessly automates demand-side and data-led product detail optimizations, providing the same comprehensive insights as EKOM's growth and enterprise offerings.

The launch of EKOM 4.0 and the Essentials Plan marks a significant step in EKOM's mission to make SEO and AI-driven content solutions fully automated and accessible to all businesses, regardless of size or budget. By providing a more affordable entry point, EKOM empowers SMBs and Enterprise brands alike to improve their digital product performance and out-compete in their respective markets.

Ricketts continued, "In addition to the product enhancements, we are proud to announce Victorum Capital as our lead investor in our current round of funding helping facilitate our rapid growth. From day one, our teams were aligned on the vision of leveraging machine learning, data science, and automation to help brands not just survive but thrive in constantly evolving digital markets.

Victorum Capital Managing Partner, James Roller, said, "EKOM 4.0 allows for the application of AI in a thoughtful way to empower brands to rapidly evolve and optimize product descriptions to drive real results while also enhancing the customer experience."

Introducing EKOM 4.0 and the Essentials Plan

EKOM 4.0 includes the new Essentials Plan, expanding the technology's capabilities beyond its original solutions and leading into advanced AI-powered metadata management. The Essentials Plan is a meta-only option designed to provide small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise brands with an affordable and efficient solution for managing their metadata. This plan enables businesses to enhance their on-page SEO without the complexities of a full-scale content optimization strategy. EKOM decided to launch the Essentials Plan following impressive results from their metadata optimization alone.

Enhanced Features in EKOM 4.0

EKOM 4.0 also includes the Growth and Enterprise Plans, offering comprehensive and advanced SEO and content solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses at different stages of growth.

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