IROHA NYC Pottery Exhibition and Sales Event 'Stillness'

IROHA NYC Pottery Exhibition and Sales Event 'Stillness'

IROHA New York, specializing in Japanese arts & crafts, will host a pottery exhibition and sales event called “Stillness.” Founded by Ryoko Konami, a Japanese lifestyle influencer based in NYC, IROHA New York seeks out dynamic and evocative contemporary artists based in Japan, introducing curated craftworks to the world. The goal of IROHA New York is to connect people from all walks of life through this unique and inspiring art form.

At this event, “Stillness,” Ryoko Konami has curated a tableware collection that not only evokes visual appeal but also creates a scene at every meal. The concept in the curation is to highlight the dish’s brilliance as a final step to complete each dining experience.

Visitors can view the curated ceramic exhibition and shop a variety of refined Japanese eclectic tableware collections such as cutlery, dinnerware, and glasses from the 19 contemporary pottery artists based in Japan. These pieces are highly sought after due to the artists’ popularity and high domestic demand, and they are only available for purchase at IROHA in the USA. Prices range from $75 to $200, with some special artwork pieces priced as high as $250 to $2000.

IROHA NYC Pottery Exhibition and Sales Event

Date: June 22nd (Sat) and June 23rd (Sun) 
Press & Restaurant Preview June 19th - 21st 
Time: 11am – 6pm 
Place: 247 Elizabeth Street, New York NY (SOHO)

Artist: George Nakamura, Syutaro Miwa, Koji Takagi, Ryuki Sai, Satomi Den, Takeshi Sakamoto, Takeyoshi Mitsui, Tatsuma Segawa, Mako Kawakami, Gaku Syakunaga, Masahiro Tai, Hirotsune Nakazato, Kojiro Baba, Tomoharu Funahashi, Keiichi Murakami, Sachiko Yano, Kousaku Iitaka, Hizumi Tougesha, Makomako  

Source: IROHA New York